He put on his coat and left the house.

In Greek mythology, Hermes, the son of Zeus, is the messenger of the gods.

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The fact remains that he is guilty.

Do they have something like a compass?

Alvin had never before seen Darci with her hair down.

I couldn't figure out how to do it.

Edith doesn't look too worried.


We don't have any more sugar.

The snow-flakes seemed larger and larger, at last they looked like great white fowls.

Piet's analysis of the situation seems correct.


I'm helping Lisa out.

It's fun and healthy.

The doors opens to the bathroom.

A small town lies between the big cities.

It would have been better if you had left it unsaid.

No burrs allowed.

We've done no wrong.


He's brutal.

Why don't we take you there?

What's the best drug for that cancer?

Nikolai is well paid for what he does.

It's getting cold.

How could I lie to you?

Four families lost their lives in the fire.


Shhh, you'll wake up Wilson!

As happiness doesn't exist, we have to strive to be happy without it.

I feel very confident.

He used every trick in the book.

Do you really want me to start?


I imagine that's true.


The whole country was excited by the news.

No criminal charges were filed.

Magnus needs time to do that.


Natraj doesn't know who did it.

I have to get used to doing this.

Ira has been looking after Becky for three years.


I think Belinda's plan will work.

I like him all the better for it.

Klaus lives in the apartment above Angela.


The hotel is at the foot of a mountain.

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Are you sure you're up to this?

Who do you want to travel with?

Hey, you can't go in there.

I plan to tell them about you.

His wife is mad.

Is it my turn?


The same thing happened in Boston.

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I want to help her, but I don't know how.


We heard gunshots from next door.


Krzysztof looked surprised.

Eileen drives a black car, right?

I would like some hot tea, please.

Nathan asked someone sitting near the window to open it.

Varda can't deny this.

Roger couldn't get Curt off his mind.

American senior citizens are comparatively well-off.

Ladies first.

Can he do this job?

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How many people are in this room?

What are they going to do to us?

I don't have time for this now.

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What do you say we go for a swim?

He left the money at home.

Divide the pizza among you three.

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I know someone who speaks French very well.

They are a bunch of inept and vulturous morons.

Stop the enemy's advancement.

It is impossible for a growing child to keep still for an hour.

The question is left in abeyance.

The fire broke out toward midnight.

Where to afterwards?


Valerie's parents are teachers.

We have come to pay you a visit.

He's such a wimp.

Is that satisfactory?

The same is true of the nation.

Had I better go with you?

Do you believe me?

I realize there's more here than meets the eye.

You should be careful with them.

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In December of 1932, Einstein left for the United States. A month after his departure the Nazis assumed control of Germany. He never returned to Germany.

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I've known her for 13 years.

We have had a long spell of hot weather.

I guess there was some talk of that.

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Alfred was killed instantly when the bomb he was trying to defuse exploded.

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He is accredited with the invention.

Woody wasn't able to catch the ball with one hand.

Shatter Jackson has set a new world record.


Let's get up early and watch the sunrise.


She hasn't forgotten these rules.

He cleared his throat.

I'm so sorry for your loss.


What song is she playing?


The sun gives us heat and light every day.

I'm still seeing Glenn.

I'll see her around.

Alison didn't intend to call Robin.

I want to know about your country.

The candle burned out.

Do I have to do it now?


Violence begins where patience ends.

They are sculpting a statue out of marble.

Bern is the capital of Switzerland.

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Are the train tickets expensive?


The young should respect the old.

We already gave it to you.

Her grandmother walks around all hunched over.


Hey, Piotr, glad I caught you.

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Hein didn't actually do anything.

There is nothing in the world but teaches us some good lesson.

I know how much this means to Granville.

The Wright Brothers spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. They noticed that birds soared into the wind and that the air flowing over the curved surface of their wings created lift.

I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as the savage tribes have left off eating each other when they came in contact with the more civilized.

These are the types of people that need those instructions.

The brightness of her smile always makes me feel better.

Whose sting is more painful: a bee's or a wasp's?

I can't see you without thinking of your mother.


Andrew will always be remembered.

I can always come back later if you're busy now.

Please come in three days.

The death penalty has been done away with in many states in the USA.

We kept together for safety.

As you can see, the roof needs to be replaced.

We have no clue where he is.

We look forward to receiving the catalog soon.

Bucky pushed Tuna out of the way.

I need to go to Chicago.

I encourage you to do so.


It's hard for Vicky to talk about that.

Kirk still hasn't gotten over the shock.

Doesn't Nguyen ever wear a watch?


I guess they really weren't hungry.

The Japanese people have renounced war.

Can you return starling chicks to their parents?

You never told me you knew him.

I call the shots.

How's your day so far?

It's going to be great.

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You made breakfast, didn't you?

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I told you it wasn't pointless.


He hung an old, wooden oar on his wall as a decoration.

There's no need to be worried.

I'm just here to say hi to them.

Wait till the soup warms.

Would you mind if I wait until Vidhyanath gets back?

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I'm watching out for your baby.

Don't be alarmed. He's not hurt badly.

This might lead us to believe that a simple culture would make use of a simple language, that a complex culture would make use of a complex language, and so on.

Victoria wondered what was up.

Give it to me, please.

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Have you tried this cake? It's to die for.

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Noam is almost fully recovered.


I won't be here long.


Real people make history.


I'm pleased to hear you say so.